21 types of yoga poses

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21 types of yoga poses with pictures

1.Ardha chandrasana:       

Ardha chandrasana

Ardhachandrasana is done by cradling, your body like a semi-moon .
This posture is extremely beneficial for the whole body.

2. Bhujangasana:


Laying the posture on the stomach and lifting your body up to the navel.  it is done by doing head up, This posture improves Digestion system.

3.Baalasana :


This is done by turning the knee to the ground. It enhance blood circulation and body balance, it also makes the brain intense.



This yoga Asana is performed on one foot, turning the other leg from the back to the shoulder and holding the feet with your hands. Doing this strengthens the shoulder and enhance the function of the lungs, it also strengthens the legs.

5.Gomukh asana:

gomukh asana

Gomukh asana is done by holding knees above each other, lifting one hand forward from the front and holding the other hand from the back to the other. This asana help to build Body shape,strong shoulders. This posture is particularly beneficial for women.



This posture is done directly by Lie down, lifting your feet up and touching the ground back.This Asaan is very beneficial in spinal cord and prevention from diseases like asthma, thyroid, phlegm, stomach disease.

7.Setu bandha asana:

setu bandha asana

Setubandhaasana posture is done by laying down on your feet and shoulders. This posture strengthens the shoulders, stomach, brain, thigh muscles.

8.Raking chir:

Rocking chair asana


Follow the curve position with hands up and joined together. It maintains blood circulation of the body. it is give you strong brain and the spinal cord.



This posture is done by sitting straight. This posture improves your mind concentration as well as the brain becomes sharp.  This posture also makes the mind calm.



Namaskarasana posture should stand upright, hands are raised by adding up in the position of greeting. It is the best for get concentration and effective Yogasana.


Tadasana posture is made upright by lifting the hands upward. doing it strengthens the body, blood circulation is regulated and the body remains stronger.

12. Trikhanda mudra:

trikhanda mudra

This posture is done by lifting one hand up and touching the toe with the other hand. 
It removes body tension and regulates blood circulation.

13. Konasana:


Konasana posture is done by sitting on feet and hands are made to ashes between legs. It is best for concentration and blood circulation.



Ustasana posture is done by lifting the head like a camel. Doing this strengthens the chest,it makes waist stronger, it givesstrength to Spinal cord and thigh muscles get strengthen too


15. Vajrasana:


This posture is done by sitting on the feet.This helps body symmetry, concentration and blood circulation is regulated.




Vrikshasana posture is done on one foot and it is done by joining hands like to the salutation. It strengthens legs, as well as the blood circulation is controlled.

17. Adhomukhiasana:

Adhomukhi Asana

Adhomukhiasana is done by lifting the body on the strength of your feet and hands. It give strength to feet ,arms and shoulder muscles. Also the spinal becomes flexible.



Shawasana is done by laying on the back and leaving your body loose, this regulates blood pressure in the bodyand one gets relief from mental and physical stress.



Utkatasana is done by sitting in half position. it gives strength to the feet, waist and thigh muscles.




By standing in this position and keeping legs in walking position, hands are raised& joined in a humble position. It is best for blood circulation, concentration, digestion.

21. Chaturanga asana:

chaturanga asana

Chaturanga asana is done by laying on your hands and legs. it good for arms stomach, chest,and blood circulation. 

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