Wildlife of India

India is one of the mega diverse countries to serve as natural habitat to 60-70% the world’s biodiversity. India possesses heterogeneity of species with wide spectrum of creatures native to the country. India is home to about 12.6% of avian (birds), 6.25% of reptilian, 7.65% of all mammalian and 6.0% of flowering plants species.

According to one report,120+ national parks, 500+ wildlife sanctuaries, 18 Bio-reserves and 26 wetlands have been established all over the India to safeguard the Wildlife of India.

With multitudinous species of flora and fauna, India offers top 10 wildlife destination to admire the creativity and divergence scattered all over the country.

  1. Sundarbans national park, West Bengal

A_Bengal_Tiger_spotted_in_Jim_Corbett_National_Park,_Uttarakhand,_IndiaThe largest estuarine forest in Bengal with 55 species of reptiles, 250 species of birds and around 58 species of mammals.it is a naturalist’s paradise for the royal Bengal tiger, crocodiles, bull sharks, dolphins and primates. This park gives you a unique adventure of cruising in the waters, visit to various watch towers with entry fee of Rs.15 for an Indian and Rs.150 for a foreigner.

  1.  Jim Corbett national park, Uttarakhand  

Webp.net-compress-image (4)This park is a domain of more than 488 species of fauna and 586 wildlife species. A place to celebrate a peaceful bonfire night and you may spot white tigers, Sambar Deer, golden jackal and elephants. The charges are Rs.200 for an Indian and Rs.1000 for a foreigner.


  1. Periyar National park, Kerala

This park is situated in Cardamom hills of southern Ghats. The best way is to take boat ride on the Periyar Lake to spectate wide variety of elephants, leopards and snakes. The entrance fee for an Indian is Rs.33 and Rs.450 for a foreigner.

  1. Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan

1019px_european_gree_c0IMpOne of the most favoured national park and a treat for any nature lover who is fond of verdant greenery, flock of chirpy birds like pelicans, flamingos and leash of Indian foxes .Besides national park, there are many interesting spots like Ranthambore fort, Kachida valley, Raj Bagh Ruins and many more. The charges are Rs.75 for an Indian and Rs.475 for a foreigner.

  1. Gir National Park, Gujarat

Asiatic lions (2)

This park is best known for Asiatic lions, houses around 38 species of mammals, 2000 species on insects and 37 species of reptiles. This park provides an opportunity to enjoy jeep safari for spectacular views of majestic predator (Asiatic lions), sloth bears, blackbucks and jungle cats. The charges are around Rs.4000 for 6 Indians and Rs.10000 for 6 foreigners.

  1. Kaziranga National Park, Assam

one horned rhino

With the largest population of one horned rhino in the world this national park has wide variety of wild buffalo and swamp deer to amaze nature lovers. Major attractions sites apart from this park are tea Plantations, Kakochang falls, Bokakhat while exploring wildlife.

  1. Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Rajasthan

230 varieties of birds

Keoladeo National Park formerly known as Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is the largest bird reserve on India to have more than 230 varieties of birds. It is the hidden treasure of resident and migratory birds and was included in world heritage site list by 1985.

  1. Nanda Devi, Uttrakhand

Asiatic black bear

This park is home to the Asiatic black bear in the alpine valley to enjoy views from hilltops besides getting a glimpse of flora and fauna. it lies between the western and eastern Himalayas and supports uncommon species like blue sheep and Himalayan musk deer. Visitors above 14 years are allowed to move in groups inside the park after proper medical checkup.

  1. Kanha National Park, Madhya Pradesh

barasinghas and tigers

The park is not merely known for housing barasinghas and tigers but also for being a part of world famous wildlife novel “The Jungle Book”. Captivating nature beauties of Bamni Dadar, Kanha museum and medicinal plantation are some defining hallmarks of this park. Best time to visit is February to June

  1. Khangchendzonga, Sikkim

This park is popular for the existence of red panda, Tibetan antelopes and snow leopards in the snow-clad hilltops and lakes that will leave you spellbound. The best time to visit is between April and May.