Alliance Director – Yogi Ruby

Yogi Ruby, is the Director Alliance and one of the co-founder of DgoodTrip. She is certified yoga teacher and is following Yogi Path since childhood. She works from Jaipur office and manages alliance for Yoga Teacher training and retreats in India. Her aim is to promote and spread love of Yoga, across the Globe.

Chief operations officer – Mr. Aashish Chawla
Aashish is managing and heading operations of Dgoodtrip, India. He has more than 15 years of
experience in managing Inbound wellness retreats and travel. Previously he has led companies called
Anand yatra and Ghumo Ghumo. Aashish has deep love and connection with Yoga & meditation.

Social Media Manager–Bhanu 
Bhanu Bharwani is managing social media, content and digital marketing efforts for Dgoodtrip from
Greater New York City Area. She is a fun loving Yogi and has diverse experience in managing Social
Media for big brands.

                                                               Namah Shivay  

D GooD TriP is an Indian Online Platform for Yoga Retreats, situated in the heart of India.

DGooDTriP is located near hawa mahal in Jaipur, India – 5 hours drive from IGI Airport New Delhi. We have a diverse team with leadership of Indian Hindu Yogis.

D GooD TriP was founded by Indian Yogi and focuses on Indian Travel with Niche of Yoga, Meditation and Self-realization.

Our team has been successful in planning yoga trip in India and APAC regions for travelers around the globe.

Mission – Our Mission is dedicated to promoting expanded consciousness, healing and growth in individuals from within.

Customer satisfaction: It’s the prime motto of our business, which has helped us to build a good network with travelers from the farthest corners of the world. The company is still framing the travel diaries of fresh clients.

Vision – we have expertise in planning the Good Trips for healing, mental health, physical fitness, weight management, Ayurveda treatment, stress management, mental peace & calm, personal growth, professional success, boosting confidence, rejuvenation, self- realization, living the best way, being positive, being happy in all situations.

Core Values- We are dedicated to spread the love of yoga to all in a safe, fun and encouraging way.


                                                                  Why travel to India & why with us?

India is the mother of Yoga, spiritual Gurus and Ayurveda. The beginnings of Yoga were developed by the Indus-Sarasvati civilization in Northern India over 5,000 years back. The word yoga was first mentioned in “Rig Veda”. The Vedas were a collection of texts containing songs, mantras and rituals to be used by Brahmans, the Vedic priests.

We operate from heart of India and arrange D Good Trips in India and Asia Pacific countries. We have partnered with yoga schools, ashrams, hotels, resorts, private coaches and centers to bring best from them. Yoga retreats, Yoga teacher Training, spiritual classes, Ayurveda treatment and spa are our key areas. We feel good in making tailor made travel plans which are customized as per travelers’ interes

Meditation to a human being is what internet is to a mobile phone and antivirus is to a computer. Without it you can be easily influenced by the virus of stress, fear, unwanted emotions. Without sadhna you cannot live happily and also without it you remain an outdated version of yourself even as the world around you marches aheadIshan Shivanand, Shiv Yog


                                                                           Why Choose US ?

Local Expertise

Namah Shivay! DGooDTriP is located near hawa mahal in Jaipur, India – 5 hours drive from IGI Airport New Delhi. We have a diverse team with leadership of Indian Hindu Yogis. We have a strong understanding of geography, best places to visit in India & Asia Pacific countries and things to do. We are up for any local support and we do daily feedback for the better trip tomorrow.

Live the Yoga way

Namah Shivay! DGooDTriP focuses on the Yoga retreat, yoga tours, Yoga teacher training, Meditation, personal yoga trainer packages, stress management, weight management, rejuvenation, posture correction and Ayurveda tours in Indian & APAC countries clubbed with your interest. The perfect way to time out from daily stress and find yourself. We spread the love of yoga in fun and safe environment.

Value for Money

Namah Shivay! DGooDTriP is one stop shop for your Yoga teacher training course & retreat, we manage end to end travel with our expert team. Send us an inquiry for designing the tailor made package for you. Ask us for any travel need and we will be first and best point of contact.