Spiritual Places

Spiritual Places in india: Haridwar, Varanasi, Amritsar, Bodhgaya, Tiruvannamalai, Rishikesh, Ajmer, Rameshwaram, Tirupati, Vaishno Devi and more

“Spirituality is not adopting more beliefs and assumptions but uncovering the best in you”. Spirituality is a process of transformation to recover the primeval shape of human, image of god. India is known as creator of major religions like Hinduism, Sikkhism, Buddhism, Christianity and Jainism. It connects the world to humanistic psychology and religions for incorporating personal growth. Below is the list of top 10 spiritual destinations in India you should travel to experience inner peace of mind and to get blessed with seraphic feel.

  1. Haridwar, doorway to divinity

One of the oldest pilgrimage center in India. According to Hindu ideology, some drops of amrit squandered here from the pitcher while being taken by supernal bird Garuda.  It is a platform for ritualistic bathing in holy waters of fast flowing Ganges to wash away sins. It is located in mountainous district of Uttarakhand. Centre of attraction are Ganga Aarti at Har ki paudi, Chanda Devi temple, Mansa Devi temple, Yoga Ashrams and more

  1. Varanasi, City of Ghats

Popularly known as Banaras, a city situated on the banks of Ganges in north India. It is significant center of Hindu devotion that attracts worshippers all over the world with its beautiful history. It is believed that the death in this city will liberate the soul free from transmigration. Some of the religious places are: the Kashi Vishwanath temple, the Durga temple, Manikarnika and Darbhanga Ghats.

  1. Amritsar, State of purity

This holy state was founded by the fourth guru of Sikhs, Guru Ram Das in 1577.It is world famous for the exquisite Golden Temple surrounded by the sacred Amrit Sarovar Lake. Specially arranged free vegetarian meal ‘Langar’ run by Sikh community for all visitors is the specialty. Famous tourist places are Wagah border, Jallianwala Bagh, Durgiana temple and more.

  1. Bodhgaya, Emergence of Buddhism

Bodhgaya is a place of pilgrimage associated with Gautam Buddha. It is situated in the Gaya district of Bihar by the bank of river Neranjana. This place is regarded as heaven for those who want to get free from lust, hatred and delusion. The magnanimous Mahabodhi temple with diamond throne and the holy Bodhi tree is marked as place where Buddha obtained enlightenment after intense meditation.

  1. Tiruvannamalai, Element of fire

This is a Hindu pilgrimage town situated at the foothills of sacred Arunachala Hill in Tamil Nadu. This spiritual town attracts pilgrims to its Sri Ramana Ashram and Arunachaleswar temple where lord Shiva merged with Parvati to form Ardhanarishvara. Best place to associate with the five elements of universe specially the element of fire.

  1. Rishikesh, Native land of yoga and meditation

This city is famous for centres for spiritual studies, yoga and meditation. It is located on the banks of the holy Ganges in close proximity to Haridwar in Uttarakhand. Manu Hindu saints and sages come to Rishikesh to mediate in search of higher knowledge. Ancient Shatrughna temple near Ram jhula and Lakshman temple near Lakshman jhula hold significance for spiritual seeking pilgrims.

  1. Ajmer, Territory of devotion

The prominent pilgrimage center for both Muslim and Hindu devotees. It is one of the major cities in Indian state of Rajasthan and surrounded by Aravalli hills. It is home to the holy Ajmer Sharif Dargah (shrine of the sufi saint khwaja Chishti), the Taragrah fort, the Ana Sagar lake, the Nasiyan jain temple and the Brahma temple (the only lord brahma temple in the world).

  1. Rameshwaram, Dynasty of pilgrimage sites

A religious town, in the heart of Tamil Nadu. Ramanathaswamy temple is the most popular Hindu temple and attract lot of foreigners. It is believed that lord Shiva presides in the temple and worshipped in the form of Jyotirlinga. Along with temples of Puri, Dwarkadish and Badrinath it forms a circuit of chardham yatra.

  1. Tirupati, land of lord Venkateshwar Swamy

A temple city, located on Tirupeti hill and surrounded by the banks of Pushkarni river in Andhra Pradesh. It is claimed to be visited by more than 50000 devotees on regular basis and receive huge donations every year. Many followers donate their hair in Tirupati for fulfilment of wishes.

  1. Vaishno Devi, Land of Shakti peeths

Vaishno Devi temple is located on the Trikuta mountains of the Shivalik hill range within Indian states of Jammu and Kashmir. It is one of the oldest cave shrine devoted to the three goddess Mahalakshmi, Mahasaraswati and Mahakali. It is believed that no one go back disappointed after a visit to this temple.