Ayurveda – “the wisdom of life” An Introduction


Ayurveda –Ayurveda is known as world’s oldest known Health science founded in India 5000 years ago.
Word Ayur-veda is derived from word Ayus meaning life or longevity and Veda meaning wisdom.
Ayurveda is said to be founded by Indian Divine Hindu God Dhanvanatari,
Dhanvantari is an avatar of God Vishnu in Hinduism. Vedas (holy Hindu Sanskrit book) talk about
Dhanvantari as the physician of the gods (devas), and the god of Ayurveda.
It is written in the scriptures that, “One who remembers the name of Dhanvantari can be released from
all disease.” Lord Dhanvantari is worshipped all over India as the God of Medicine.
Ayurveda and 5 elements:
According to Ayurveda everything in Universe is made up of 5 different elements in different
propositions. These five elements are called “Panch Bhutas” in Sanskrit. All living & non-living things are
made up of these 5 elements food, stone, animals and everything. Soul is the only difference between
living and non-living things.
These 5 elements or Panch Bhutas are:
1. Earth(Prithvi)
2. Air(Vayu)
3. Fire(Tejas)
4. Water(Jal)
5. Space (Akash)
Each element can be considered as energy pattern and is vital to maintain balance in any body.
Here are few details about these elements appear in Mother Nature:

1. Earth(Prithvi)

The earth element, represents the solid state of matter and along with water is responsible for the
physical constitution of the body. Bones, teeth, and tissues are considered as earth elements. Earth
connects to the nose and the sense of smell.

2. Air(Vayu)

The air element is dry, mobile, light, cool, rough, and subtle.
Air is responsible for many functions within the human body, including movement of food through the
digestive system, elimination of waste, assimilation of food and the health of the skin. Air is related to
movement of thought and thus impacts human imagination and creativity.

3. Fire (Tejas)

The element of fire represents the form without substance and has the power to transfer the state of
any substance. In the body it is responsible for digestion and perception and connected to the eyes and
therefore sight.

4. Water(Jal)

Water represents the liquid state of matter and indicates change or instability. Water is responsible for
the fluid metabolism in the body and so blood, lymph and other fluids are considered as water
elements. Water connects to the tongue and the sense of taste.

5. Space(Akash)

The element of ether represents the space in which everything takes place. In the body it relates to all
hollow or empty places in the body, like channels and pores and the ears that perceive

Doshas & Prakriti
Ayurveda body types: Vatta, Pitahha & amp; Kapha
Prakriti is an inherent nature of an individual determined at the time of our birth, which cannot be
changed during our lifetime. It is the basic constitution of our body and mind formed by the unique
combination of three doshas(Vatta, Pitahha & Kapha)
All of us, have these 3 doshas in different propositions. One or two doshas can be dominant in us as our
prakriti. For an example one of my friend can have 4 course meal as breakfast and has a sleek body
form, though I cannot eat just more than a salad as my breakfast.
Every human has different characteristics and habits. Ayurveda defines it via three doshas.
– Qualities: Light, dry, airy, quick, and cold
– Physical characteristics: Vata is composed of the Space and Air elements.
– Qualities: Hot, sour, pungent, sharp and acidic
– Physical characteristics: Made up of the elements of Fire and Water.
– Qualities: Slow, steady, heavy, oily, and cold
– Physical characteristics: Kapha is mix of the stable energies of Water and Earth
All diseases and illness happen when we live against our inherent constitution. Also, we are most
vulnerable to imbalances related to our predominant dosha. Therefore, Ayurvedic philosophy is not a
one-size-fits-all solution to illness.
Ayurveda mixed with Yoga today is the best medical science dominating few parts of the world. Since
India is mother to yoga and Ayurveda, it is also largest exporter of Ayurveda medicines worldwide.
Ayurvedic massages are the best healer today, India provides best wellness retreats in the world
Ayurvedic massage
Ayurvedic massage is one of the key parts of Ayurvedic therapy. Just like how a machine needs to be
oiled regularly, the body would require the oil therapy for keeping its vital organs healthy.
One of the best positive trend of an ayurvedic massage is that, it can benefit our sleep patterns and can
normalize sleep. The oils used have been scientifically proven to be rejuvenating and are hugely
beneficial to your body, mind, and soul. These can be good for your overall wellbeing if channeled

An ayurvedic massage focuses on the marmas and the chakras of your body. These are very similar to
the acupressure points, and if these pressure points are manipulated correctly, they can revitalize your
entire body. These massage involves the herbal oil to be poured on your body and is gradually massaged
by the ayurvedic expert or the doctor.
Please wait for our next blog article, types of Ayurvedic Massages with their benefits.
Benfits of Ayurvedic massages are endless, to give an idea- it helps to reduce stress, maintain body
blood pressure, knee pain, improving heart rates, pulse & respiratory rate, fight migraine, chronic back
pain, anxiety, depression, Improvement in Hemiplegia, detoxification, rejuvenation and more…
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1. Yoga was founded in India 5000 years back:

It is difficult to comment when exactly Yoga was born, many evidence found from Mohenjo Daro statues shows yoga postures and confirms people use to do Yoga since then. There are many such evidence in history by which it depicts that yoga was born in India, 5000 years back.



2. India has experienced yoga trainers: 

India is a country where people wake up in the morning and start yoga in some form and take care of it till the end of the night , As wake up in the morning, Surya NamaskarVajrasana at the time of bath, Kundalini yoga practice at the time of worship, Sukhasanat the time of the meal, Sleeping at night while shavasana. Between the first breadth in and the last breath out, there is life. Each life has a purpose and Journey. For all Journeys, we need Guru/Teachers/Trainers. No Doubt India has the best of the best yoga trainers since it is part of Indian lifestyle from the history.

Kuchipudi performer

3. Spiritual Values:

It is just not limited to yoga but trainers here have spiritual touch, you can learn spirituality from trainers which give a rock solid base to yoga learning. Yoga is a technique that connects us to ourselves as well as we can understand how powerful humans are? If we want to do something ordinary or extraordinary, it is very important to know about ourselves. We can polish our body, make it fit by some exercises but we forget mind controls the body. We should first invest in polishing mind, keeping mind fit & mind is controlled by breath and yoga postures.  Yoga is science and this science was first explained in Sanskrit with some spiritual values in India.



4. Why choose India for yoga and tourism:

 Every yoga lover and traveler knows that India is the soul & motherland of yoga, there are a lot of spiritual places like HimalayaRishikeshLadakhVaranasiPune, NashikRajasthanKerala, etc which are best in the world to learn yoga according to geographical structure, presence, climate, being close to nature & there is flow of energy around these areas to attract yogis from around the world. “It’s in the air.

Why choose India for yoga and tourism

5.Respect for tourism and foreign travellers in India:

India is a country where the guestis considered as a god “Atithi Devo Bhava”, People here believe that “Survey Bhavantu Sukhinah, Survey Saints Niramaya, Survey Bhadrani Pasyantu, Ma Kastech Dukh Bhag Bhavet”  To wit, Everyone is happy, all diseases are free, there is no wrong in everywhere, there are only happiness and goodness in everyone’s life, no one should be sad. Love and goodwill are their main objectives, and they consider the whole world as their home, as well as people in the entire world, their families. The tour around India is inexpensive as compared to other parts of the world. Visa and tickets are also easily available.



Apart from learning yoga, you can visit beautiful places beaches, rivers, and mountains: Making a tour with yoga in India is a unique experience, because of which both the mind and the soul become pure. A new energy is transmitted through which you feel young. Science believes that yoga is a condition in which all the poison of our body ends. Simultaneously you get rejuvenation, detox, free from mental stress, control mood swings, anger, anxiety learn to be in the happy state of mind. Science assumes that there are some amazing powers in the universe, whose knowledge is possible only by yoga. If we want to give a new world to our own new world, then we must first observe our body, soul, and mind.



7.Vegan friendly and vegetarian diets available:

Discipline is the first lesson of learning yoga, Atha-yoga-anushasanam. Indian Hindu Yoga Guru’s have strict vegetarian diets and they advise all yogi’s to drink a lot of water, have vegetating diets across yoga retreats & Yoga teacher training. India bread(chapati), green vegetables, Ayurvedic churanas form one of the best diet plans for yogis worldwide.


8.Spiritual lessons, Mantras, Bhagwat Gita Saar are part of training:

In India, Yoga Teachers have own way of starting and ending each lesson. Some of them include Yagyas (worship along holly fire), lessons of a holy book of Hindus, Bhagavad Gita that elaborates on yogic and Vedantic philosophies, with examples & analogies, Mantras chanting(creates high flow energy), breath control practices and lot more.


9.Variety of courses available:

India is hub for yoga teacher training schools and ashrams. You can choose different courses 100/200/300/400/500 hours, basic to advance and different yoga forms like raj, ashtanga, kundalini and lot more. Most of them are registered and provide RYS certification courses.

Variety of courses available

10. Meditation and Ayurveda:

Just not yoga but India is also birthplace to Meditation and Ayurveda. India is known for yoga retreats, holidays, stress management tips, weight management tours, luxury yoga retreats, Ayurveda spa, detox holidays, rejuvenation holiday packages from years.  Here the great sages and ascetics used to utilize this and they left their indelible impression in history. Sage Charak has described a variety of surgeries and medicine in his book Charak Samhita.



Maharshi Charak:



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