Yoga teacher training 101 – The Journey to becoming a Yoga Teacher in India


Yoga- this four-letter simple Sanskrit word means to join or unite. It has transformed the humankind in many ways. It is a science, an art, an exercise and a discipline as well. This provides meaning to one’s life as one climbs the ladder of levels of yoga.

If we talk about the origins of this technique, it is synonymous with the rise of human civilisation. Later on, with many rishis contributing to this technique, it grew into forms and practice. Although it is a 5000 years old practice but owing to its varied benefits others than physical, i.e. mind and soul, it has rose into prominence.It has now evolved to be the sole solution of all kinds of stress, negativity, and mess that this globalised world has created for humans.

Even though the dates obtained are somewhere from 500 B.C-800 A.D. This is evident from the mention of all the postures, asanas and forms in ancient old texts of India, namely the Bhagwat Gita. The inscriptions found on various coins and seals are a testimony to its ancient nature. India has been blessed to have its root while yoga and meditation in Rishikesh is the best.

This technique is something that is best practised with the help of teacher or guru. As per the common folklore, God Shiva is touted to be the first yogi or Adiyogi and the first guru or Adiguru. Even though this globalised and new world has given humans numerous reasons and systems to worry for, it has also given many efficient, easy and organised versions of our ancient old traditions. Yoga teacher training is undoubtedly one of them. You can find yoga and meditation centres in Europe, yet people visit India to learn it better, as it is the ultimate yoga destinationand the hippest place for yoga retreat. Let us explore a whole lot of details for yoga teacher training in ashram, India.

Yoga Teacher Training in Ashram, India

As mentioned earlier, yoga is something that is best practised, and its benefits reaped only with the help of a professional. Here the professional is a rigorously trained yoga teacher. Unless one knows every minute detail of practising yoga, only then can he/she can become a successful teacher and benefactor as well. It is so as if not done the right way, this science can be a bane, causing injuries.

Well, a person becomes a yoga teacher with the help of various yoga teacher training programs, yoga detox training in Indiaand yoga tours in India.As per the energy levels, the age and other defining factors, the teachers undergo a training in the best meditation centres in India. It is chosen voluntarily as per the available timeand money.

The yoga teacher training is something that needs a lot of commitment, dedication and will to complete the task at hand. Usually,this training is divided into few days with few hours each day to gain that level of expertise.

The thing is to choose a particular yoga training program from the vast multitude of yoga and meditation training in India. The best idea should be to choose from a place where yoga has had a great past and rich history. Indeed, no place than the place of origin i.e. India could be better than any other.So a basic question of ‘Where to Go for a Yoga Retreat?’ seems resolved.

For choosing programs, there are few basic tips and learnings. Yoga is a form of exercise that needs to be practised in quiet, serene and calm environments. Doing yoga in natural settings like yoga classes in Haridwar, Yoga camps in Rishikesh or yoga courses in Rishikeshcould be the best. One can easily spot multiple yoga schools in Rishikesh.

Importance of Yoga

The importance of yoga, both for the trained personality and the person under training is undoubtedly high. It has had various positive implications on the person and various reports, testimonies at the yoga resort in India have reported the positive outcomes of this great practice.

The yoga begins with improving the physical well being of the person and gradually with regularity delves into mind, soul, emotional side, our psyche, etc and cleanses each system. It purifies every part of the body and the mind so as to make the person at peace and bliss for eternity.

Talking about the health benefits, today reports are a testimony to this fact that evolved medicinal and therapy systems might not be able to cure and root out the ailment which yoga can do for sure. Indeed, doing it right way with the help of a trained teacher is an assumption to this fact.

It imparts longevity to human life, enhances the energy levels, sustainability of the person and clarity to sort out most of the problems. It makes the person aware of the self and makes him/her learn about managing one’s emotions and energies in a more coherent, synchronised and peaceful ways. It makes your mind strong, rejuvenating you to the core and thereby relaxing you.

Also it is an excellent way to discover your spiritual needs. Apart from the revenue generated by imparting this training, the positivity, cheer and great service you are doing to the society is invaluable.

It thus leads to an overall personality development and provides the best meditation retreats in the world.

How to find a yoga Teacher Training Program?

As mentioned earlier, it is best to practise yoga in a country like India where this art has had its origins and roots. So in India yoga is practised in numerous formats and styles. To choose one school and get the desired yoga teacher training requires a little bit of research. We do that for you.

Now before knowing about the yoga teacher training programs, one needs to be aware of the different traditional schools. They are the jnana yoga, bhakti yoga, karma yoga, patanjala yoga, Rishikesh kundalini yoga school, hatha yoga, Dhyana yoga, mantra yoga, laya yoga, raja yoga, jain yoga, Rishikesh vinyasa yoga school etc.

Usually what is recommended and seen is that people begin with the hatha yoga. You could also choose it as your first form of yoga to be learnt. Now that the form is selected you could browse for booking various training programs.

Understanding these Programs

For those of you who aren’t aware of these programs and stuff, let us enlighten on the same. For every yoga school, atleast the ones which are genuine and legal, there is a yoga alliance or international yoga institute. It is simply known as the world yoga alliance. It provides the best yoga teacher training certification to the teachers, yoga alliance teacher training schools, and sets some basic norms for running and being a successful teacher training school.

So when you are looking for the best yoga institute in Rishikesh, you must check the credibility of the institute and the trainers as well. This is because it will involve some kind of physical activity, mental and emotional involvement. So, one needs to be very sure of the trainers, their experience in this segment and their technical expertise. This will enable you to imbibe the benefits in the desired manner.

These training programs are basically hour-based programs and charge you for the same. Usually it is divided into three levels- beginners, intermediate and advanced. As per the level, the number of hours of training increases. You can search for yoga 200 hour teacher training near me at the beginner level.

Next option worth considering could be the styles, formats, time to be devoted and fees involved. You can anytime browse for yoga teacher training cost in India and find affordable online yoga teacher training. Not all practitioners are the ones who will become teachers. At the same time, not all regular practitioners would want to be a teacher. So the schedules must suit your work lifestyle so as to reap the benefits and be a dedicated learner. This means flexible plans, timely and worldwide availability of teachers and studios are a worth considering option.

Lastly one can also consider about the perks this training would come up with. Like if you are devoting a considerable amount of time and energy into learning this great art, what are the possibilities that it will stay with you forever, is one of the questions worth asking. Also the accommodation and food is something to find out when you are looking for any residential training program.

After knowing these, you will have to buy a yoga may, loose fitting clothes, few books, etc. As you might go into a yoga research centre in India, which would be undoubtedly the best meditation centre in India.

Your guide to yoga retreats in India

Now once you are aware of all the information mentioned above, you must be ready to look out for a training program provider. So go ahead! Book your yoga teacher training in ashram, India today, with us. Meanwhile you can also check yoga teacher training websitesand look for affordable yoga teachers training in India.

We will help you to compare from handpicked ashrams based on your needs. Have a session with them, understand their program structures,timings, feasibility, credibility, best vinyasa yoga teacher training, hatha yoga teacher training near me, etc.

Ask relevant questions with their counsellor, understand which kind of training program will solve your problems, or serve your purpose as per your work or daily life schedule.

After every little thing is ensured, one can simply be dedicated to cover the course and be a great teacher. Your dedication, commitment and will to complete the course in a timely and effective manner could lead you to become a successful teacher and spread this art to others. You could then look forward to luxury yoga retreats as well.

People are often worried about the best time to book such courses. Usually when people are ailing with some disease, are tensed about their life struggles, it is then they get to such healing therapies. To them and many others, we suggest that there is no such best time to begin in investing for your health. The moment you begin searching yoga teacher training near me, is the moment you should step out to carry out all about the mentioned research. The early you begin, the better your life is.

Few do’s and don’ts

Since this will change your routine for sure so it is essential that one follows some dos and don’ts.

  • One must not immediately change everything. Your body should undergo gradual changes. Also the shift in your lifestyle and routine should be balanced with the yoga training. You must not start something new or stop anything with this training. Everything needs to be followed a certain gradual path.
  • Do what is suitable as per your capacity. One must not hype or compare one’s capacity with others. Choosing what is right for your personal setup is of utmost importance.
  • A step by step procedure would be more welcoming for your body and soul than overburdening yourself. You shouldn’t be burned out. It is for relaxing and not for being tired.
  • Talk to the right person and your trainer in terms of any mishap, any difference which is not suitable and seems uneasy. It might lead to a serious injury in future. So have patience and be aware.

Post program requirements – Yoga Teacher Training in Ashram, India

Now assuming that you have done all the above-mentioned steps, it is equally important to strike a balance with the right timings of food intake, and other suggested behaviours like sleeping at the right time, eating right and at the right time, etc.

Your detox retreat shouldn’t stop after the training program has ended. It should be there for you forever. One must develop those skills as well. Because more than the training program, it is the maintenance of the skills, the restrictions that you had learned. This will ensure that yoga teacher training retreats and its positivity remains with you forever.

Currently the world is facing many difficulties in terms of health. There are newer and deadly versions of diseases coming up. Owing to the digital penetration, fast forward life, and complex relationships, there are also increased chances of stress, and other tensions. So yoga comes out to be an unforgettable meditation retreat in terms of any other options.

The best thing is that itcompletely transforms your personality. It has only positive effects if practised with the right teacher and having the right teacher training program by your side. You are sure to relax and renew yoga teacher training. One would always find positive yoga renew teacher training reviews.

So choose one of the programs and be the master of your good health. Book your Yoga Retreat or Registered Yoga teacher training course in India with us today.

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Yoga of faith– Union with Self

Shraddha/Faith – the antidote for failure

The human connection with faith is Yoga with Faith!

Power of faith:

Today everything in this world is based on faith and belief. Every one of us might have different theories for all aspects of life, including religion. These theories again are based on faith.

Our ancient Yogi gurus say religion is not only based on experience from past, as no man can be religious until he has some perception himself.

As per Raj Yoga, the aim of all sciences is to find a unit out of which all this manifold is being manufactured. Yoga proposes to start from the internal world, to study the internal nature of human, and, through that, control both the internal and external world. It is a very old attempt. India has had its special stronghold, but it was also attempted by other nations. In India for various reasons, it fell into the hands of persons who destroyed 90 percent of the knowledge and of that portion which remained tried to make a great secret.


It is true India is still considered the best place to learn & practice yoga and meditation due to India’s rich spiritual, cultural yoga values, flora & fauna which is best suited for Yoga. Every year millions of yoga enthusiast, beginners, yogis, experts, trainers and people who want to practice or learn yoga from scratch travel to India from all parts of the earth. India has thousands of teacher training schools, academy, ashrams, ayurvedic study colleges & is world’s best destination for an affordable yoga retreat.

Yoga is still known as the practice of good for 5000 years, it helps to calm your mind, rejuvenate, detox, feel fit & young, healthy and stronger. Whether it is traffic, noise, busy life, work pressure, failure in relationship, worries of future, the stress of past, irresolvable issues, lack of focus, lack of flexibility in body, over/underweight, medical problems, depression, lack of confidence or faith there is just one solution YOGA


Practice yoga and meditation with faith –

Patanjali yoga sutra talks about doubt, doubt which arises in a yogi about the practice

An unshakeable faith in the result of Yoga and its methods for its successful practice. Such faith is needed in achieving success in any line of endeavor. In the divine adventure which we have undertaken the objective is unknown and there are no clearly defined standards by which we can judge and measure our progress.

Doubts of various kinds are therefore liable to arise in our mind.

  •    Is there really any reality to be realized or we are merely pursuing a mirage?
  •    Are the methods we are using really effective?
  •    Are those methods the right methods for us?
  •    Do we have the capacity to go through all the obstacles and reach the goal?

It is at these times that we need Sraddha(faith)— unshakeable faith in our objective, in our self and in the methods which we have adopted. It may not be possible to avoid these periods of depression and doubt especially in the early stages but it is our behavior and reaction to them which show whether we have true faith or not. If we can ignore them even though what we feel about them, we come out of the shade into the sunshine again and resume our journey with renewed enthusiasm. If we allow these doubts and moods to interfere with our Sadhana(practice) and relaxes our efforts, they acquire an increasing hold on our mind until we are completely side-tracked and abandon the path altogether. Hence faith is the base for practicing yoga or simply to connect to yourself.

Faith with meditation –

The power of attention of our mind, when properly guided, and directed towards the internal world, will analyze the mind, and illumine facts for us. The powers of the mind are like rays of light being dissipated; when they are concentrated they illumine everything.

Bringing of mind into a higher state of vibration starts with Samadhi, the super consciousness.

The state of Samadhi is achieved by regular practice of meditation, there is no rule or guidance or steps which we can follow to reach Samadhi while meditation, in fact, it is the faith, faith to our inner world, faith to our belief system, faith to lord we worship. It is a complete surrender to our self, to the God in us

The state of Samadhi comes through faith, energy, memory, concentration, and discrimination of the real.

To start practicing is to find a quiet place in our home or anywhere in our world.

One of the best ways is taught by Swami Vivekananda

Sit in a straight posture, and the first thing to do is start with a powerful mantra; mentally repeat:

“Let all beings be happy;         Let all beings be peaceful;  Let all beings be blissful. So do to the east, south, north, and west.

The more we do that the better we will feel our self. We will find at last that the easiest way to make ourselves healthy is to see that others are healthy, and the easiest way to make ourselves happy is to see that others are happy. After doing that, those who believe in God should pray — not for money, not for health, nor for heaven; pray for knowledge and light; every other prayer is selfish.

Then the next thing to do is to think of our own body, and see that it is strong and healthy; it is the best instrument you have. Freedom is never to be reached by the weak; throw away all weakness; tell our body that it is strong; tell our mind that it is strong, and have unbounded faith and hope in our self.

Yoga is faith in our self and our faith is yoga!



–          Susheel Kumar Pandey, DGooDTriP India.

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