Today Yoga is performed all over the world by people as a part of the daily routine.
People follow various different styles, forms & types of yoga like VinyasaKundalini, Hatha,Bikram, Acro, Ashtanga. Similarly, everyone has different goal or motives behind the regular practice of Yoga. Some do it for work, some for flexibility, weight management, stay fit, look young, and feel strong & energetic. Sometimes just to buy time from busy life and go for yoga retreat and yoga holidays But did we ever think, what is the best way to end our daily yoga class or session? How will that
impact the rest of our day? Example my motive behind the regular practice of Yoga during the early morning session is mental peace, to feel relaxed from busy life, noise, traffic, work pressure and to improve my focus. I end my daily Yoga class by repeating Shanti/Peace Mantra, this gives a peace message to my subconscious mind and doesn’t matter how difficult my day is, I feel mental calmness.
Here are top 11 ways to end your yoga sessions with their impacts on our daily life:

1. Shanti/Peace Mantra– this one is for those crave for mental calmness and peace in daily
life. Simply close your eyes after your session, sit is Sukh- asana(basic sitting posture, with
palms of your hands, facing towards ceiling ) and repeat this mantra at least twice:
Om Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah(Om, may all be happy)
Sarv santu Nir-Aamayaah(may all be healthy, free from illness)
Sarve Bhadraanni Pashyantu (may all see Auspiciousness)
Maa Kashcid-dukhna-bhaag-bhaveta (may no one suffer)
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Shanti(Om, peace peace peace peace)
2. Hug – simply hug your yoga teacher and all your yoga mates after the calls. Sounds crazy ?
but this one is to spread the clear message, to love humans, to love everyone. Love everyone
unconditionally, do not judge anyone for what & how they are? Unconditional love is an
antidote to stress and depression. Results will be you will be loved by everyone!
3. Clap your hands – at the end of your class, clap for 100-200 times with a gentle smile on
your face, sitting in such asana (basic sitting posture). This one is best for senior citizens. This
method of ending your yoga session has great benefits like enhanced blood circulation,
cleansing body, improves digestive disorders, relief from back & joint pains, prevention from
diseases like eye problems, hypertension, chronic headaches, cold, insomnia, and depression.
4. Sit down and stand by method – this method is the simplest of all and helps you to slow
down and feel connected to yourself. Simply close your eyes after the session, sit down in sukh
asana, open your hands towards the ceiling and place on your knees. Just relax and observe,
observe your whole body, the stretch you feel anywhere in your body, the relaxation or
whatever you feel? Observe your body and disconnect from the outside world. This is not
meditation, though it is the short technique of observation towards your body post-yoga class.
You should do it for at least 5-10 minute.

5. Shav Asana – this one is similar to point 4, close your eyes, and lie down on your mat facing
towards ceilings. Observe your body and breathe normally, do it for at least 10 minutes. Turn
towards right hand side, while lying down- take 3 deep breaths and now you come back to
sitting position. The Corpse pose or Shav asana has various benefits and help us to rejuvenate &
feel relaxed.
6. Ayurvedic Massage – this one is not possible for all but those who have Ayurvedic massage
facilities available should do it daily post-yoga class. Yoga-Ayurveda has a deep connection from
history and should be part of Dinchariya(daily schedule). Ayurvedic Massage type could vary as
per your Dosha.
7. Walking – this one is the simplest form of workout. It is preferred to do cardio workouts
before a yoga session. Though short walks post your yoga enhance blood circulation and
balance all energy in the body.
8. Meditation – Best way of ending your yoga session is to connect to yourself and do 15-20
minutes of meditation is sukh asana. The way you do meditation may vary & I do not want to
comment on this, rather I recommend this to be learned from your GURU. For me, meditation
is important than any other activity & it is my way of surrender to myself and connection to the
world inside me. If you are quiet enough, you will hear the flow of the universe. You will feel it’s
rhythm. Go with this flow. Happiness lies ahead. Meditation is the key- Buddha Quote
9. Pranayama(vital life force) – these are breathing techniques, which can also be done
before yoga class. Doing Pranayama of various forms post-yoga class helps to control and
practice your breathing patterns. Pranayama has various benefits and is the foundation of Yoga.

10. Bhagwat Gita Saar – The Spiritual way is the best way to end the yoga session for those
who understand and respect spiritual values of life. This method is used in various Yoga
Ashrams in India. Bhagwat Gita or simply Gita is a part of Hindu epic Mahabharata written in
Sanskrit. It teaches various aspects & lessons of life which we should follow in our daily life.
Some parts of these lessons are narrated and explained for 10-15minutes post-yoga class to
become a better human being.


11. Hasyayoga(Laughter Yoga) – invented in 1995 by Madan Kataria, a doctor in India. End
your Yoga sessions/class by Laughing aloud in a group or alone. Laughing has various health
benefits and has logic backed by science if you do laughter yoga daily.
Key benefits include: stress relief, regularize blood circulation, better cardiac health and lot

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-Susheel Kumar Pandey, DGooDTriP