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The word Kundalini is a familiar one to all students of Yoga, as it is well known as the power, in the form of a coiled serpent, residing in Muladhara Chakra, the first of the seven Chakras, the other six being Svadhishthana, Manipuraka, Anahata, Visuddha, Ajna and Sahasrara, in order.

All Sadhanas in the form of Japa, meditation, Kirtan and prayer as well as all development of virtues, and observance of austerities like truth, non-violence and continence are at best calculated only to awaken this serpent-power and make it pass through all the succeeding Chakras beginning from Svadhishthana to Sahasrara, the latter otherwise called as the thousand-petalled lotus, the seat of Sadasiva or the Parabrahman or the Absolute separated from whom the Kundalini or the Kundalini Shakti lies at the Muladhara, and to unite with whom the Kundalini passes through all the Chakras, as explained above, conferring liberation on the aspirant who assiduously practices Kundalini Yoga or the technique of uniting her with her Lord and gets success also in his effort.

  • Clean, comfortable room (hot water / bathroom / Western toilet / sheets / pillows / blankets) *double or single occupancy in Yoga Ashram.

  • 3 healthy and delicious vegetarian meals per day In The Yoga Ashram

  • Unlimited purified water in The Yoga Ashram

  • Participation in regular Yoga ashram classes and fire pujas

  • Use of a yoga hall

  • Participation in evening programs (music/kirtan Every Day)

  • Access to Yoga ashram library

  • Wi-Fi internet laundering  access (Self Service)

Any student who is enthusiastic and serious about learning this healing and profound spiritual form of Yoga can join. No prior teaching experience with yoga is required. Kundalini yoga can be practiced at many different levels. Whether you have practiced power yoga and taught yoga for many years or you are an absolute beginner, you will benefit immensely from this course. If you are already a Yoga teacher then you may wish to connect with people by emphasizing the healing, spiritual and meditational aspects of yoga. If you are a beginner then you may wish to begin your Yoga path with this deep spirituall and healing form of yoga or you may simply just wish to follow this course because you hold a deep desire to follow a higher spiritual path.

Interested students should go through the pre assessment before they can be enrolled in the course:

Step 1:

Live Skype session with our Lead teachers for the relevant course to ascertain your readiness and prior preparation.

Step 2:

Online registration and payment, if approved to do so by the lead teacher after the step 1

Note: Above steps are to ensure that you are well prepared and have understood teachers, course philosophy and Yoga school’s expectation from its participants. These steps are not an exam. We believe readiness and intent would take you a long way to succeed and make the most of your time, money and effort.



We have two categories of accommodation for you to choose from ( based on availability) :

Option 1: Basic rooms ( twin shared or single Non shared) 10 minutes walk from the beach where our Yoga shala is located.

Option 2: Beach Eco Yoga cottages ( twin shared & Single non shared) 10 minutes walk from the Yoga shala

Description about Yoga accommodation:

Option 1. ( Type: Budget accommodation)

Simple, basic rooms in quiet green surroundings with bed to sleep and attached bathroom. We have separate beds in case you share with someone else

Option 2 ( will cost more than basic rooms, still in budget): Simple, beautiful clean beach huts just on the beach and sand next to the sea

Note: Accommodation is completely based on availability when you apply and register online and not when you inquire and engage us so kindly inquire to our team at the time of registration and online payment.

Our cool and comfortable beach huts are all en suite with their own private individual terrace/balcony. Beachfront huts have extra-large king size double beds. All rooms have shower, hot water, mosquito nets and ceiling fans.No Luxuries but modest, beautiful and decent beach huts/rooms perfectly quite and next to the sea on the sands.

Accommodation Terms and Conditions
We need minimum 2 months advance registrations for accommodation options as rooms are limited in the Yoga school and given on first serve basis. However, we can arrange accommodation in nearby guest houses or rooms for late bookings
Internet is quite weak where we are located in remote part of Goa but you can easily buy Indian SIMs and use 3G/4G internet data packs and connect with your hotspots on your laptops and notebooks. It works just fine for your connectivity and communication needs.
Accommodation and room stay are beautiful clean and peaceful. No Luxuries but modest, beautiful and decent beach huts/rooms perfectly quite and next to the sea on the sands.
Accommodation is not transferable to any partner or friends at any stage after booking.
We don’t allow lovers and partners along with the student unless they have taken prior permission from the Yoga School at the time of the registration or they are also enrolled for the courses along with the main students. Accommodation is only reserved for the students and applicants on first come first basis. You guests and friends can accompany you as long as they are not a distraction for you in your studies and courses with us. You need to inform us for any such arrangements in advance for their stay.
Accommodation once booked can’t be cancelled and no amount of money would be refunded due to sudden cancellation or change of mood, minds and circumstances on your part. Kindly refer the Yoga school’s Refund and cancellation policy for better clarity

We have a a beautiful restaurant at the retreat place where we serve delicious Indian, continental and local cuisines at reasonable prices. We have very limited in house kitchen facility for students to cook on their own at our retreat place and school.

Meals Terms
We don’t book advance meals. You can order here as you come. In 15 to 20 euros you can have all the three meals tentatively including teas and beverages of good quality.

For Accommodation and pictures or view of the Yoga School & Retreat, Kindly visit the Gallery page on the website.

  • A reservation requires a deposit of 25% of the total price.
  • The deposit is non-refundable, if the booking is cancelled.

SWAMI RASHPAL YOGI (OM YOGA ASHRAM Mcleodganj Dharamsala India)

“From a very young age, Yoga meditation has been a passion and hobby for me. Through my Yoga life, I have incorporate Yoga Meditation into my lifestyle. After completing my Yoga Meditation studies, I dedicated my life to Yoga and Meditation. Since 2001 I have been regularly practicing Yoga and Meditation. Throughout this time, I have also studied and practiced Yoga, Meditation and Naturopathy.

Furthermore, I have also traveled throughout India and helped people to learn more on Meditation, Yoga, and Naturopathy, free of charge. Now I continue to pass on the knowledge I have learned, to people from all walks of life.”& I Give Yoga Teacher Training Course in Cape Town South Africa.


Reeta is an accomplished Teacher of Yoga Mantras, Music & Hindi Language. She is a very Famous Singer. She has 12 years of experience as a Teacher and has a recommendation from many previous students. The OM YOGA ASHRAM is featured in the Lonely Planet guidebook.

Her classes are fun and informal and she is able to adopt her Teaching to suit both beginners and experienced students.

Swami Shiva Sutah Gouri Bhakta

Swami Shiva Shuta Gouri Bhakta was born in Nepal, He is Meditation and spirituality Teacher at Om Yoga Ashram. He left home when he was young to search for god. He has been practicing Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga yoga since he was young and has learned from many gurus. He has studied Gita, Ramayan, Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Vedas, Vedanta and Patanjali yoga sutras. His aim is to spread the knowledge of yoga all over the world, and He Teaches also in Malaysia, China, Nepal and India.


I started yoga journey since 2002 n still doing. I motivated from my father. I leaded my childhood in gurukul kangri school with my yoga guru Acharya satypati I learned yoga and after that I participated a lots of state n national yoga contests n I got 2nd and 1st Brouce Silver and Gold medal in all India national after that I did graduation by yoga And now I’ m yoga practicer and hath yoga teacher also.

7:30 – 8:30                                        Awakening of Awareness

 8:30 – 10:00                                    Yoga Asana Practice (Kundalini/Chakras/Spiritual Partner Tantra) and a Blend                                                                  of Tantric Meditation

10:00 – 11:15                                            Breakfast

11:15- 12:15       Philosophy of Shiva Sutra, Shiva’s Wisdom, Self Inquiry, Question

12:15- 13:15                                        Tantric Meditation

13:15 – 16:00                                     Lunch, Self Study / Care

16:00 – 17:30              Yoga Asana Practice (Chakras/Kundalini/Spiritual Partner Tantra)

17:30 – 18:30     Energetic Anatomy of Chakras/Art of Teaching & Energetic Alignments

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